Anerkennende Worte des nepalesischen Botschafters für den Neubau der Schule in Devighat

Aus einem offiziellen Schreiben des nepalesischen Botschafters in Deutschland Suresh Pradhan zum Errichtung des neuen Schulgebäudes in Devighat.


Klaus Schubert, Botschafter Suresh Pradhan und Honorarkonsul Nepals in NRW Ram Pratap Thapa


Anita Chitrakar ( 3. v. links)

Words of Appreciation from Ambassador of Nepal in Germany 

The Juergen Wahn Stiftung is actively helping Devighat Child Club since 2007 for development of the poor children from the community by supporting its library and youth club. It arranges sports materials, scholarships and special supports for the needy children to enhance their intellectual and physical wellbeing.

The contribution of Ms Anita Chitrakar, from Fachhochschule Soest who is now working as Project Manager at Siemens VAI in Germany is worth appreciating. Ms. Situ Chitrakar, architect, and her father, Mr. Ramesh Chitrakar, are equally thankful for supporting locally in close cooperation with Juergen Wahn Stiftung.

I very much appreciate the  financial contribution of Juergen Wahn Stiftung  to Shree Sahid Jagat Prakash Jung Shah Sanskrit Secondary School in  constructing new 8-class room school building with a new sports field.

I wish best wishes and success to Juergen Wahn Stiftung for its child development projects  in Nepal.